Pietro Coricelli Pasta

For over 70 years Pietro Coricelli has been engaged in bringing to your table all the safeness and quality of its products, thanks to an unbroken tradition made of intense flavors and aromas, as well as of great competence, professionalism and technology. Now, in addition to the widely acclaimed oils and vinegars, try the new line of pasta Pietro Coricelli with sauces and tomatoes, for a complete Italian food experience. Available in : Penne, Fusilli, Tortiglioni, Spaghetti and Linguine.

Pietro Coricelli Pasta Sauces

A premium selection of sauces, all following unique recipes specifically tasted and chosen by Pietro Coricelli. Made with an ideal combination of simple, natural ingredients, the tomato sauces are all made with 100% Italian Tomatoes, while the recipe of Genovese Pesto is enriched with Pietro Coricelli selected Olive Oil. They give your pasta the real feel of an Italian Cooking Experience. Available in : Arrabbiata Tomato, Napoletana, Basilico, and Pesto Alla Genovese.

Pietro Coricelli Balsamic Glaze

This condiment is made with select Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, rendered to a creamy consistency. The result is a sweet cream with an outstanding and distinctive flavour, very versatile and fit for creative uses. Experiment with it as a condiment for chicken, roasted meats, fish, grilled vegetables, salads, appetizers, but also for more daring pairings like with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

Pietro Coricelli Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The refinement of vinegar with the ageing period is a process requiring great experience and perfect working techniques. This balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP gets an aromatic bouquet and an imitable taste, which make it perfect for different uses. Use by adding to sauces, to give a unique taste: even the most demanding and refined connoisseur will be impressed.

GERMisept Multipurpose Wipes

GERMisept Multipurpose Wipes are ideal for your everyday messes. They are perfect for all-purpose cleaning in your kitchen, your bathroom and most surfaces in your busy home. They are also perfect for offices, schools and just your everyday source of sanitization on the go. With 75% alcohol these wipes kills bacteria on contact.

Gerber Cookies

Gerber® cookies are loaded with goodness; 3 essential minerals for your baby’s growth and development. These cookies’ soft texture is just right for chewing and are perfectly sized for learning to hold. Made with whole wheat and real fruits, your baby is ready for cookies if they stand alone and begin to walk alone, feed self easily with fingers or bite through a variety of textures.

Gerber Puffs

Your little one’s first snack food contains 2 grams of whole grains per serving and 5 essential vitamins and minerals for babies. They are perfectly sized for easy pick up so your baby is ready for these delicious snacks once they crawl without tummy on the floor, start using fingers to eat or start using jaw to mash food.

Gerber Teethers

These Gluten free gentle teething wafers are unsalted with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Easy to dissolve and easy to hold, your baby is ready to try these once they begin to show interest in crawling, begin to self-feed with fingers, mash food with up and down jaw motion or have been exposed to food other than breast milk or formula.

Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – With a deep, bright violet colour, this wine exhibits an expressive fruit scent of raspberry complemented by black pepper and cedar notes on the palate,

and a pleasant finish. Good with hamburgers with blue cheese and charcoal grilled beef!

Carolina Reserva Chardonnay

Reserva Chardonnay

Carolina Reserva Chardonnay – Taste a blend of toasted almonds, tropical fruit and roasted hazelnut while you pair this appealing wine with seafood, risotto, herb grilled chicken or a light soup.

Carolina Reserva Merlot

Reserva Merlot

Carolina Reserva Merlot – A bright ruby red colour with a smell of black plum and red cherry with grilled or roast chicken and beef especially with spices. Once in the mouth, the wine gains in complexity with hints of tobacco leaves, sweet spices, and a touch of black tea. Its nice acidity and gentle but firm tannin linger deliciously on the palate.

Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc – The palate is juicy and fresh and exhibits nice balance between citrus fruit, peach, and passion fruit, as well as an intense mineral character. Its creamy texture makes it a superb pairing wine with oysters, seafood and quinoa salad and garlic shrimp.

Carolina Reserva Carmenere

Reserva Carmenere

Carolina Reserva Carmenere – Great balance between red fruit aromas like ripe cherries and white pepper with velvety tannins to give an elegant palate. Pair this wine with red meats, cheese, and pasta.

Estrellas Carbernet Sauvignon Rose

Estrellas Carbernet Sauvignon Rose

Estrellas Carbernet Sauvignon Rose – A beautiful pink colour, intense aroma with fresh overtones that combine perfectly with an explosion of fruit flavours such as cherry, raspberry and strawberry that gives you a fresh, silky and pleasant taste. You’re going to love it especially with salads, fish, light-flavoured cheeses or even fruit and desserts.

Estrellas Chardonnay


Estrellas Chardonnay – A touch of mature tropical fruits like pineapple, mango and banana are inhaled while the palate is a creamy texture with good balance and refreshing acidity. It is a harmonious, round wine with soft tannins that goes perfect with fish, salads, white meat, seafood and fresh cheese.

Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc – Enjoy the soft and fruity taste, with a medium body and balanced acidity while you smell melon and pineapple with citrus overtones of lime and grapefruit. Drink when having either fish or pizza to make it a fantastic pairing.

Estrellas Merlot


Estrellas Merlot – A juicy bright ruby-red violet colour wine with notes of black tea that highlight the fresh flavours of red and black fruit like raspberry and plum. Very smooth and sweet tannins. Try having this drink with pasta and chicken in spicy sauces!

Estrellas Carmenere

Estrellas Carmenere – A deep fuchsia colour greets you as you pour, then a delightful aroma of blueberry and blackberry with a hint of spices fills the air. A pleasant finish when it comes to taste and it’s great with red meats, cheese and pasta.

Estrellas Cabernet Sauvignon

Estrellas Cabernet Sauvignon – This harmonious, balanced, full bodied wine has a persistent flavour with an aroma of blackberries, black currants, chocolate and a deep ruby red colour. Ideal with lamb chops or steak.

Premio White

Premio white

Premio White – This lively, easy to drink wine features a pleasant blend of citrus aromas of grapefruit and orange along with white peach. Enjoy this white wine as an aperitif or paired with fresh salads, raw seafood, and grilled fish.