Pietro Coricelli

For over 70 years, we have been bringing to your table all the quality and safety of our branded products thanks to an unbroken tradition, made of genuine flavours, as well as great professional competence and advanced technology. Our mission is to promote olive oils and the tastes and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine throughout the world.

Ramson’s Grocery Line

Ramson’s, a name synonymous with premium products, is the house brand of Chas. E. Ramson Limited, offering a wide array of fast moving consumer goods. Hitting the shelves in 1983, The brand quickly carved out a fame of quality, and became most noted for its flavourful syrups, ketchup, baked beans, vienna sausage, corn oil and soy sauce. Overtime, the brand expanded its product offering, to include bagels, bacon, vinegar and honey. Ramson’s stands committed to Chas. E. Ramson Limited’s overall mission to provide premium quality products at affordable prices, and guarantees when you buy a Ramson’s product, you are getting the best that the shelf has to offer.


Foska Oats is 100% rolled oats, the richest of all cereal grains. It’s a powerhouse of vitamin B, minerals, muscle building protein and its natural soluble fibres that help to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood stream. Foska Oats’ nutritional value and wholesome goodness have undoubtedly made it Jamaica’s favourite family cereal.

Oatmeal has increased in popularity due to significant health benefits especially as it relates to efficacy in reducing cholesterol. Foska Oats, already known for its ability to increase energy, is the preferred choice for stamina punches and too for fitness enthusiasts who are persuaded of the brand’s benefits.

Foska Oats is the market leader in the rolled oats category and has been for several years. The brand has strong recognition and loyalty in the over 40 age group and has been able to connect with an even younger demographic through its support of sports & educational development initiatives and civic outreach programs.

White Swan

White Swan Maraschino Cherries can be used in bars as a garnish to cocktails, the syrup can be used to sweeten many cocktails. They can also be used to garnish desserts.

Bush’s Beans

Looking for a tasty addition to your meals? Add BUSH’S® Beans. Naturally gluten-free and cholesterol-free, BUSH’S Beans are picked at the peak of perfection, so you know that you can count on their delicious flavour in your favourite recipes. Whether as a satisfying side or a part of a larger dish, Bush’s offers a line of baked beans and variety beans that are sure to meet your taste preference.

Zatarains Rice Products

The Zatarain’s line offers a line of rice mix varieties that contain quality ingredients of rice, spices and vegetables. The rice is 100% U.S.-grown, parboiled long grain rice with no pasta fillers. The spices are carefully selected, harvested and steam cleaned to preserve flavour and the vegetables and fruits are real- large pieces you can see. There are no artificial flavours, no colours from artificial sources and no added MSG. Choose a pack of Zatarains rice for good ingredients, because good ingredients make great flavour.

Weetabix and Alpen Cereals

Start your day smiling with delicious wholegrain Weetabix breakfast cereals specially created for your incredible insides. From our iconic biscuit shaped Weetabix to our wholesome Fruit & Fibre, the Weetabix line has a flavour for you!

Robin Hood Flour

Robin Hood Flour is a brand of flour made by the Horizon Milling division of Cargill. From breads to cakes, there’s nothing Robin Hood flour can’t help you bake. See all our varieties.

Loma Linda Vegetarian products

Loma Linda is owned by Atlantic Natural Foods Company, based in Nashville, North Carolina. Formally owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Worthington Foods, Loma Linda manufactures a premium line of vegetarian and vegan meal options such as Linkettes, Tender Rounds and Fry Chik’n.

Founded in 1933, Loma Linda purveys some of the first meat replacement products prepared from soy and wheat that were available in the United States on a commercial basis. In the 1960s, Loma Linda Foods and Worthington Foods were the largest manufacturers of soy-based foods in the United States.

There are two lines under the Loma Linda brand- Loma Linda and the Loma Linda Blue.

Lindsay’s Olives

Over 100 years of harvesting olives, and more recently olive oil and almonds, has taught us a lot about where quality comes from. It comes from working hard alongside people we consider family, innovating the most efficient harvesting process in the industry, and a passion for producing the best tasting products in the world.


A trusted leader in the canned produce industry, Libby’s fruits and vegetables delivers high-quality, wholesome products straight from the farm to your kitchen! With unique offerings such as Asparagus Cuts and Peas & Carrots, Libby’s is sure to bring fresh and nutritious ingredients to your next meal!

Hungry Jack Pancakes

Hungry Jack has been feeding families like yours for nearly 70 years. From the launch of Hungry Jack mashed potatoes in 1967 to the innovation of the re-heatable microwaveable Hungry Jack syrup bottle in 1994, Hungry Jack has been gathering families around the table for good times, great food, and that delicious Hungry Jack taste. That’s why Everybody’s Happy When It’s Hungry Jack®!


French’s offers condiments such as mustards and Worcestershire sauces, as well as potato sticks. Their mustards are made with stone ground, #1 Grade Mustard Seeds and some of the lines have no artificial colours, calories, gluten, preservatives, or fat. The French’s mustards are available in flavoured and original options, so your sandwiches and sauces among other things will be the envy of your friends and family. Boost the flavour of your meat dishes by using the French’s Worcestershire sauce to prepare a sauce or base that elevates your meal’s taste and presentation.


More than 100 years ago, a new product hit the shelves that shook up the way the country did things in the kitchen. A lot has changed since then, but Crisco®is still the original all-vegetable shortening that Grandma used to make her perfect pie crust.