More than 100 years ago, a new product hit the shelves that shook up the way the country did things in the kitchen. A lot has changed since then, but Crisco®is still the original all-vegetable shortening that Grandma used to make her perfect pie crust.
A blend of canola, sunflower, and soybean oils that packs 1,135 mg of Omega-3 ALA per serving. Also contains ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherols (antioxidants).
A flavorless, versatile oil with a light texture. Use it for cooking, frying, or baking, or in dressings and marinades.
The original. The classic bluecan that no pantry should be without. Use it for baking, frying, or just to feel like a rock star in the kitchen.
Vegetable oil - Made from soybeans, with a light taste that lets the flavour of your food shine through. A cholesterol-free food and has 0g trans-fat per serving.” – Great to use on measuring spoons or utensils so batter does not stick to it for an easier clean up.
Adds rich, butter flavor to your foods.
THE Original No-Stick Cooking Spray. Great for: Baking, Frying, Sautéing, Stir-frying