Whether preparing chicken, steak, pork or seafood, the Lawry’s line can help you create inventive and flavourful meals in a flash. No mixing, measuring or fuss- it adds the perfect flavour when you’re short on time. The line offers Seasoned Salts, Garlic Salts and Garlic Powders, as well marinades to compliment your dishes with an exceptional flavour.

Morton Salt

Chas. E. Ramson Limited is a proud distributor of Morton’s iconic sea salt. Morton’s offers an iconic, world renowned line of salts that are sure to bring quality to your every dish. The easily recognizable blue packaged iodized salt is a must have in every home for uses beyond just the kitchen. There are also sea salt options and salt and pepper shakers for your table top.

McCormick Spices

McCormick brings you the purest possible flavours from source, to bottle, to your next delicious meal. Choose from a wide variety of herbs and spices, blends, extracts and other pure ingredients guaranteed to make your best dish even better.

McCormick & Company, Inc. is one of the leaders in developing iconic spices and flavors across the globe. For nearly 20 years, their teams of sensory scientists, culinary experts, and food technologists have been passionately researching where consumer taste is moving, and winning hearts worldwide. These global flavour experiences make every meal and moment better. As a home to several brands that are known to people by first sight and taste, the ones distributed by Chas. E. Ramson Limited are: McCormick, Kitchen Basics, Lawry’s, Morton’s, Zatarain’s, and the most recently acquired French’s lines.

Jamaica Joe

From the lush hills of St. Ann, with its flavourful herbs and senses pleasing spices, comes Jamaica Joe – a series of pepper sauces, jellies, and jerk seasonings, designed with the discerning taster in mind. Jamaica Joe boasts a distinctly Jamaican flavor profile, offering a traditional experience with our jerk seasoning, scotch bonnet, red pepper, fish and meat and barbecue sauces; and the hot pepper and guava jellies. Jamaica Joe is basically Jamaica in a bottle for you to enjoy!

Easispice Seasonings

Produced in Chantilly, Westmoreland; Easispice is a leading brand of seasonings in Jamaica, famous for its quality Meat Seasoning, Chicken Seasoning, Fish Seasoning, Curry Powder, Jerk Seasoning, Black Pepper and Barbecue Seasoning. However, these form a small part in an extensive line, which now carries jars in larger sizes. Easispice is made to the highest standards at a modern factory facility operated by Pernesto Limited, which is registered with the Jamaica Bureau of Standards, and the United States Food and Drug Administration. Pernesto Ltd, is also in the process of implementing the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, HACCP Food Safety Program. Easispice products are available in four convenient types of packaging: Packets, Refills, Jars and Stand Up Pouche

Kitchen Basics Stock

Kitchen Basics offers a rich, savoury, concentrated flavour of homemade stock. As a rich source of protein, it brings you home with every taste. Infuse quality in everything you cook, from soups to gravies and more with your choice of a 246ml or 946ml box. Certified by the American Heart Association, and is available in wholesome varieties including Chicken, Beef, Unsalted Chicken and Unsalted Vegetable.