Real Soap
Real Soap is Authentic, it is made using a process called "Saponification" where our soap makers use smell, taste, and touch to make high quality soaps from start to finish. Real is Natural - we use Caribbean Coconut Oil to make our soap. During the soap making process Glycerine is produced which makes Real Soap extra moisturizing and soothing. This gives our soap bars a luxurious translucency.
A cleansing bar to protect and heal. Made with Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil - Turmeric is Anti-inflammatory and tea tree oil is antifungal. Available in singles and 3 pack.
A refreshing bar to inspire and energize. Made with Aloe and Glycerine - Glycerine helps skin feel more hydrated and Aloe is a natural skin exfoliant. Available in singles and 3 pack.
A moisturizing bar to replenish the skin. Made with Vitamin E and Coconut oil - Vitamin E restores lost moisture and coconut oil is just plain good all around. Available in singles and 3 pack.