Gerber Baby Foods
Gerber® is one of the most trusted names in baby food and baby care since 1927 and is committed to promoting good nutrition and healthy eating habits for children. Categorized as a line of complementary food, Gerber® is intended for consumption after the first six (6) months of life. Gerber® is guided by the World Health Organization code that recommends exclusive breastfeeding during the first six (6) months of life and continued breastfeeding for as long as possible. As babies grow at different paces, health professionals should advise the mother on the appropriate time when her baby should start receiving complementary foods.
Gerber® 2 nd Fds are pureed foods that offer new taste and ingredient combinations that may help to encourage the development of healthy eating habits. It includes multiple blended fruits, vegetables, grains, and/or meats. Pureed meats and poultry with gravy provide a good source of protein, iron,and zinc.
Gerber® infant cereals provide an excellent source of iron and a good source of Vitamin E, Zinc and B6 Vitamins that are essential for healthy growth and development. Two servings of infant cereal per day provides 90% of the daily value of iron. Gerber infant cereals are available in Multigrain, Oatmeal with Banana, Rice, Oatmeal, and Whole Wheat.
Gerber® 100% juice is a healthy choice designed to add vitamin C and flavour variety to your baby’s diet. Gerber Juice can count as 1 fruit serving per day at most when consumed as part of a well- balanced diet.
These Gluten free gentle teething wafers are unsalted with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Easy to dissolve and easy to hold, your baby is ready to try these once they begin to show interest in crawling, begin to self-feed with fingers, mash food with up and down jaw motion or have been exposed to food other than breast milk or formula.
Your little one’s first snack food contains 2 grams of whole grains per serving and 5 essential vitamins and minerals for babies. They are perfectly sized for easy pick up so your baby is ready for these delicious snacks once they crawl without tummy on the floor, start using fingers to eat or start using jaw to mash food.
Gerber® cookies are loaded with goodness; 3 essential minerals for your baby’s growth and development. These cookies’ soft texture is just right for chewing and are perfectly sized for learning to hold. Made with whole wheat and real fruits, your baby is ready for cookies if they stand alone and begin to walk alone, feed self easily with fingers or bite through a variety of textures.