Premio Red

Premio Red

Premio Red – Light bodied, easy to drink with raspberry, blackberry and cherry flavours along with subtle notes of tobacco. Marries well with barbecues, empanadas, and legume based stews.

Beatrice Rose

Beatrice Rose has a smooth salmon colour of pink and sparkles with fine bubbles that form an elegant aroma leaving your mouth with a cheerful strawberry flavour.

Beatrice Demi-Sec

Beatrice Demi-Sec with its fine bubbles offers an intense, fresh and fruity aroma with fermentative connotations. A balance between moderate acidity and sweet.

Beatrice Brut

Beatrice Brut is pale yellow with green hues that has a delightful apple aroma and tropical fruit flavours on the palate.

Moscato D’Asti DOCG

Moscato D’Asti DOCG – Unique, sophisticated and naturally sweet. Moscato d’Asti is the heart of production for Tosti and Tosti is in the heart of the production area of the White Moscato di Canelli. Refreshing, intensely aromatic and with low alcohol content, it offers an intense link with the raw material, reworking it, with little interference, in a liquid key.

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

The label communicates directly with the consumer, praising, with irony, the incomparable qualities of these bubbles: “What would life be without Prosecco?” The combination of the Prosecco DOC grapes and the historic bubble-producing culture Tosti, offers a Prosecco excellent as an aperitif, to be discovered throughout the meal and excellent for reviving any after hours. “Living Prosecco Tosti”.


Obtained with 100% Moscato Bianco di Canelli grapes, the Asti DOCG represents the historic tradition of sweet bubbles, which is renewed with a contemporary style. Rich in aromas and flower fragrances, Asti DOCG should be served fresh, with sweets, dry pastries, fruit and ice cream. Delicious bubbles excellent also for the whole meal.

Pink Moscato

With increasingly pink colour and freshness, sweet bubbles, light and fragrant like rose petals, lively and surprising like shocking pink! Tosti Pink Moscato is ideal for aperitifs, for the whole meal and for after hours in the name of freshness, colour and seduction.

Montepalacio Rose

Montepalacio Red made with grapes selected from the best vineyards of the viticulture regions of Spain is smooth and delicate. It’s

bright ruby colour with red fruit aroma leaves the palate with a fresh sensation. Perfect to go with meat, fish, pasta or cheeses.

Montepalacio Red

Montepalacio Rose has a pink and shiny colour using a sweet red fruit offering an invigorating and fruity
wine. It is tasty and easy to drink and would be a great addition to soups, white fish, pastas, pizzas and quesadillas.

Montepalacio White

Montepalacio White offers a pleasant balance of being refreshing and light and an excellent complement to rice, tacos, pasta, quesadillas, beans and cheeses. In addition, due to its acidity, aroma, and ability to soften meat and deglaze cooking juices, it’s perfect to be used in cooking.

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