Cooks know the deep, concentrated flavour of a robust homemade stock. It's rich. It's savory.  Kitchen Basics rivals that authentic, premium quality so that you can have that same homemade taste at your fingertips – no matter when you plan to cook.

In 1996, Kitchen Basics was the first to introduce ready-to-use cooking stocks – and have been perfecting them ever since. They have crafted mouth-watering "liquid gold", naturally by slowly simmering the finest quality herbs and spices with beef, veal, turkey, chicken, seafood and vegetables to infuse it with layers of hearty flavour. The result is a dark, rich, high-quality stock that inspires and enhances quick, flavourful dinners and company-worthy feasts alike.







Kitchen Basics Stock: A More Flavourful Alternative to Broth 


Stock is a full-flavoured liquid prepared by simmering meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables for hours in water with herbs and spices, until their flavour is extracted. Darker in colour and more concentrated in flavour than broth, it is ideal for use in soups, sautéing, rice and especially sauces and demi-glace. Stock's more concentrated flavour has a richer, heartier taste – one that serves as the perfect flavour-building ingredient for anything from simple to extravagant culinary creations.

Try Kitchen Basics stock in any one of these wholesome varieties:

Chicken • Beef •  Unsalted Vegetable Stock

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