In 1912, brothers Arthur and Henry Bell followed their dream and bought a small olive grove in the laid back farming community of Reedley, California. For the 18 years that followed, their sole focus was harvesting and selling olives to olive processors throughout central California.

In the 1990’s, the company tripled sales through acquisitions and diversification.  This expansion included the Lindsay Olive Company among others.
Today, they sell and market domestic olives, imported olives, and olive-related specialty products under the Lindsay and Bell brand names.
Bell-Carter Foods, Inc. is the largest table olive producer in the U.S. and the second largest in the world. Year after year, their commitment to quality has been rewarded with high ratings in the industry. No other olive company in the world has comparable ratings.
Lindsay Stuffed Manzanilla sophisticated green olive with a tangy taste enhances any occasion. Try it on a slice of pizza, in potato salad or as a cocktail pick.
Lindsay Stuffed Queen is the perfect combination that will take any snacking to a whole new level. It’s the succulent green olive with little red pimento inside. It’s the pimiento that gives it a mild, but decidedly extra zip.
Lindsay Black Pitted olives bursting with delicious flavour, solo they are the perfect snack, or as the perfect ingredient in your favourite dish.
Lindsay Kalamata Pitted olives come bearing great flavour! Dark purple in colour, they’re the Mediterranean olive with a memorably rich and fruity taste.
Lindsay Campers inject new and exciting flavours to your favourite recipes. Capers add flavours and vitality to virtually anything you pair them with: pasta, sauces, salads, fish, meat, vegetables, oh, and our favourite, olives…
Lindsay Cocktail Onions - what happens when you introduce an olive to a cocktail onion? Talk about one happy martini! Cocktail onions and olives are just a deliciously stimulating get-together.






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