For first time parents, it can be overwhelming to know that in the first few months, your baby’s diaper could be changed at least 10 times in one day. Don’t worry Cubbies Diapers will be there at every step, making babies happy!

Here are some features of Cubbies Diapers:

     •      Cubbies Diapers absorb wetness and locks it away from your baby’s skin, keeping them dry and happy.

     •      Cubbies Diapers provides stretchy sides which gives babies a flexible fit to move & play.

     •      For a cooler, comfortable feel, Cubbies Diapers offer a breathable cloth-like diaper with softness that wraps babies                 in all-round comfort.

Cubbies Diapers are attractive, affordable and excellent in quality as already tested and proven by staff members such as David Ingram and Oliver Stampp. They tried samples with their precious babies. Cubbies, is an original CER brand and complements the existing baby wipes line. 

Cubbies Wipes help make changing time easier, faster and mess-free. They are soft tissue-like papers that are moist and perfumed.













How to use Cubbies Wipes to change your baby’s diaper:      

     •      Get everything you need before changing your baby’s diaper.  Never take your eye off the baby while changing.

     •      Lay the baby on the changing table.

     •      Take the dirty diaper off.

     •      Clean the baby with the wipes until its bottom is clean.

     •      Put the clean diaper under the baby.

     •      Apply baby powder to the baby’s bottom

     •      Finish putting the diaper on the baby.

     •      Dispose of the dirty diaper.



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