Elle & Vire has its roots in Normandy (France), an area of exception, renowned worldwide for its rich pastures and the quality of its milk. Since 1945, between the rivers of the Elle and the Vire to which the brand owes its name, Elle & Vire has been using its dairyman's know-how to develop high-quality dairy products. Today, the company is present on all 5 continents, in over 120 countries and sells a broad range of products - desserts, creams, butters, and milks - for the pleasure of consumers all over the world.  


Elle & Vire Desserts

Elle & Vire 0% Fat Dessert includes 5 flavours: strawberry, prune, green apple, blueberry and cranberry. 0% Dairy Desserts are light and creamy with real fruit pieces and contains 0% fat and 0% added sugars. It is a source of calcium and fibre.

Come Taste the real fruit flavours in Elle & Vire Dairy Desserts. Made with high-quality fresh milk (no powder milk), Elle & Vire Dairy Dessert has an indulgent fruity taste thanks to a high fruit content (6% on average, i.e twice more than the competition). An exciting and mouth watering dessert with a creamy texture and real pieces of fruit. Available in 9 delectable flavours: strawberry, mixed berries, cherry, apricot, pineapple, peach/passion, mango, blueberry and lychee.

Elle & Vire Dairy Pudding, a range of 4 flavours that will delight all food lovers. A thick cream that everybody will love, young and old.  A speciality made with full cream milk, ideal as a dessert or snack.

Elle & Vire Yaggo Drink & Dessert is an innovative and ready-to-drink pack which is fun for children to drink with proven nutritional benefits for children. A creamy texture without chunks especially adapted for children.










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Also available:

Elle & Vire Creams

Aerosols: Creams in 250 cl pressurised canisters are ideal for creating an instant Chantilly cream that is deliciously light and holds up perfectly. 



Elle & Vire Butter

Gourmet Butter: Delicious butters that are ideal for cooking, baking or in sandwiches. Available in salted and unsalted. 


For Chefs, professional or home based, do enjoy!

Excellent Whipping Cream: has optimum whipping ratio, adds flavour and creaminess to your dishes and does not droop or become watery.

Excellent Cooking Cream: thickens quickly for a smooth, creamy result and is ideal for quick dishes.


For exciting recipes and preparation options, visits the Chefs Web below:

Elle & Vire Recipes


















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