The wonderful flavours and aromas Zatarain's brings to dinner tables have made it tradition for more than a century.   Now people around the world recognize that to capture the true flavour and style cuisine, you have to "Jazz It Up" with Zatarain's.  Chas. E. Ramson’s Ltd has been distributing Zatarain’s since 2008.  The following items are currently available: 

  • Chicken and Rice
  • Long Grain and Wild Rice
  • Spanish Rice
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Jambalaya Rice



The Big Easy just got easier. Now you can have all the fun & flavours of Red Beans & Rice, Wild Brown Rice, Cajun Brown Rice. Zatarain's Microwave rice brings you the flavour of New Orleans in just 90 seconds. Just heat & eat !!! 


Our Products

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Chas. E. Ramson Ltd. provides Jamaicans with a wide assortment of high quality, international and local brands.