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With over 18 varieties to choose from – Bush’s® Beans are baked with only the finest ingredients which makes it easy for everyone to clean their dinner plates.
Bush’s® Baked Beans are slow cooked and served with a delicious homemade taste in a variety of flavours - perfect for any occasion.
·       Original Bush’s® Baked Beans contains the finest ingredients – specially cured bacon, fine brown sugar and a delicate blend of spices.
·       Homestyle Baked Beans combine a tangy sauce, specially cured bacon and brown sugar to make any meal a mouth-watering success.
·       Maple cured bacon and a touch of real maple syrup, slow cooked with Bush’s® secret blend of seasonings make Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans simply delicious!
·       Bush’s® Vegetarian Baked Beans are slow cooked with brown sugar and seasonings in a tangy sauce, without the bacon.
·       Country Style Baked Beans are slow cooked with extra brown sugar and hickory smoked country bacon.
·       Brown sugar, specially cured bacon and a delicate blend of spices are slow cooked with onions to create Bush’s® Onion Baked Beans.
Bush’s® Recipe Beans – from light and nutty to rich and dark, these versatile beans are the base for great meals that nourish your family with love.
·       Have a bite of perfectly balanced bean flavour with a hint of sweetness. Bush’s® Kidney Beans are rich, dark and full-bodied. Add them to chilli, rice, salads and more for meals that look and taste great.
·       Relish the rich, smooth flavour of Bush’s® Best Butter Beans. Their delicate, buttery taste complements a wide variety of recipes, from lightly seasoned appetizers and pured spreads to pasta salads and stews.
·       Treat your family to homemade chilli with a taste twist. Bush’s® Chilli Beans are cooked in a light sauce with a subtle blend of chiles, spices, garlic and onions to give your recipes savoury, lip-smacking flavour.
·       Server up some Latin flavour. Bush’s® Best Black Beans are cooked and seasoned to just the right texture and colour. They’re perfect in soups, with rice, pureed for dips or as a standalone side dish.
·       Add Bush’s® Blackeye Peas to the side of your main dish. Blackeye Peas have a fresh taste fit for a variety of meals.
·       Few foods are as versatile as Bush’s® Pinto Beans. Add them to Southwest cuisine, chilli soups, salads, Mexican-inspired dishes and more. Their hearty bean flavour is sure to make every meal a taste success.
·       Great meals start with great ingredients. The smooth, creamy texture and mild flavour of Bush’s® Cannellini Beans make every dish delightful, whether it’s an Italian favourite like minestrone and pasta fagioli, a refreshing salad or delicious dip.
·       Add flavour to salads, soups and dips with Bush’s® Garbanzo Beans, also known as ‘Chick Peas’.

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