• 3 Horses

    3 Horses is well known for its extremely refreshing non-alcoholic beer that is second to none, and ready to immerse you in a world of classic and fruity flavours while keeping that real, distinctive beer taste intact.Seize the opportunity to be a part of the growth of a remarkably refreshing...
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    Fruitables — a healthier beverage choice for your kids!  Apple & Eve Fruitables are delicious all-natural fruit and vegetable juice blends with 1/3 less sugar and provides children with their daily-recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Fruitables are filled with 100% of the daily-recommendation of vitamin C, are a good source of...
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    Attends Healthcare Products manufactures and markets many of the most trusted and well-known disposable adult incontinence products. They are used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and the growing home-care market. Attends offers a broad range of products to manage every type and degree of adult incontinence.Healthy skin and odour controlMany...
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    Heart-healthy, Blue Diamond® Almond products are dedicated to offering a variety of ways to enjoy tasty, nutritious almonds every day.Blue Diamond® Growers is the world's largest tree nut processing and marketing company.  Founded in 1910, the cooperative is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010.  Blue Diamond® led the development of California's almond...
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    From our family to yours!With over 18 varieties to choose from – Bush’s® Beans are baked with only the finest ingredients which makes it easy for everyone to clean their dinner plates. Bush’s® Baked Beans are slow cooked and served with a delicious homemade taste in a variety of flavours -...
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      Product Info From farm to table, the beautiful and fertile Ceres Valley offers an abundance of succulent fruit that’s just waiting to be made into nature’s perfect fruit juice. The standout feature of fruit cells and the sleek packaging provide discerning consumers with yet another reason to choose Ceres to lend...
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    For first time parents, it can be overwhelming to know that in the first few months, your baby’s diaper could be changed at least 10 times in one day. Don’t worry Cubbies Diapers will be there at every step, making babies happy!Here are some features of Cubbies Diapers:     •...
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  • DARE

      DARE  produces an extensive array of tantalizing baked products in an assortment of flavours which include crackers,  cookies and candies, made with real fruit. DARE produces “Feel Good Food” for your snacking pleasure and products are made in a nut/peanut-free facility.Dare has the finest selection of cookies and crackers.   Breton - Light snacking for the...
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     Easispice Manufacturers Limited, a family run business, was born in the mid 1960’s out of a vision by the founder, the late Karam S. Josephs, of creating a line of seasonings to simplify the day to day household cooking chores of people on the go. It all started from humble beginnings, utilizing...
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    Elle & Vire has its roots in Normandy (France), an area of exception, renowned worldwide for its rich pastures and the quality of its milk. Since 1945, between the rivers of the Elle and the Vire to which the brand owes its name, Elle & Vire has been using its dairyman's know-how to...
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