In 1964, Mr. Lauritz Ramson entered into a joint venture agreement with Kellogg’s to manufacture Foska Oats in Jamaica. Foska Oats was imported from Denmark from a Kellogg’s subsidiary company. Foska is 100% rolled oats, the richest of all cereal grains. It’s a powerhouse of vitamin B, minerals, muscle building protein and its natural fibres help to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood stream. Foska Oat’s nutritional value and wholesome goodness have undoubtedly made it Jamaica’s favourite family cereal.

On January 10, 1966, the venture became a reality with the establishment of Caribbean Foods Limited. Caribbean Foods Ltd. became 100% Jamaican owned in 1991 when the Ramson family bought out the Kellogg company. This resulted in the “Foska” trademark being owned by Jamaicans and registered in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

Caribbean Foods Ltd. manufactures Foska Oats for local and international markets and currently exports product to various cities in the U.S.A namely - Miami, New York and Atlanta. Other export countries include Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Cayman and Trinidad & Tobago. Locally, Foska Oats is distributed by Chas. E. Ramson Ltd.

Caribbean Foods has been a member of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association since 1967.










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